Maria, Argentina

French excellence in the social sciences, the quality of its prestigious universities, the country's rich cultural life, and my own career plans combined to lead me choose France. 

I really want to continue my higher education by getting a professionally oriented Master 2 in communication en France. I've narrowed it down to two specializations, one in communication for business and international organizations and the other in communication policy. The first is offered at Université Paris Sorbonne Paris 4 (CELSA) and the second at Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

The fields of organizational communication and communication policy both have a great deal of interest for me. I am persuaded that an international-level program will give me opportunities to develop contacts with professionals in the field and to gain the solid skills I need to reach my goals. 

Also, throughout my academic career, I encountered new quantitative and qualitative techniques that had been developed France to manage communication (at the organizational and policy levels) that did not exist in Argentina and that I believe are necessary to acquire mastery in the field.

I'm convinced that the program in France will give me the academic and professional tools I need to refine and share French innovations in communications while also contributing to my personal growth.

In carrying out my plans to study in France, the information I received from Campus France in Argentina was excellent. The staff guided me through the whole process, and their help and cooperation were invaluable.