Studying in France for only a short time? Here are some housing suggestions.

Short-term lodging

Living in the home of a host family is one of the best options for short-term housing. University residences managed by CROUS sometimes offer short-term room rentals during the summer. To find out, contact CROUS in the city where you intend to stay. Similarly, many private student buildings offer short-term rentals.

The city-by-city housing resource files compiled by CampusFrance offer contact information for numerous hostels, hotels, and other providers of housing for young people.

If you plan to take a course in French language before the beginning of the academic year, you should know that almost all centers for the teaching of French as a foreign language have a housing service that can offer you various options for the duration of your course.

Living with a host family

Renting a furnished room from a host family is ideal for short stays. This option is popular with students taking a short course in French as a foreign language. It allows the student to share in family life and, in so doing, to speed his or her adaptation to French language and culture—a perfect way to start a period of study in France.

Many centers for the teaching of French as a foreign language will make advance arrangements with a host family for students who enroll in their courses.

Specialized agencies can put you in touch with potential host families. For example, Other addresses are listed on CampusFrance's housing resource files.

The weekly cost of a room with a host family in Paris ranges from €200 (with breakfast) to €300 (breakfast and dinner). Average costs are lower outside Paris.