France is especially competitive in a number of trades and in the training of athletes.

The high art of French craftsmanship

920,000 French businesses employing 10% of all French workeres produce the high-quality artisanal goods for which France is rightly famous.

France exports know-how in the graphic arts and 3D animation, as well as in the more traditional areas of fashion and textiles.

The country's postsecondary programs in woodworking, furniture-making, glass-blowing, masonry, ceramics, and perfumes, flavors, and essences are world famous. 

The taste professions (gourmet cooking, bread-making, chocolate and pastry-making) are represented by some of the world's most famous names—Alain Ducasse, Paul Bocuse, and Pierre Gagnaire, to name just a few. The "taste of France" contributes in no small part to the country's international allure

Sports and athletics

France has a long history of training athletic champions. The physical education sections of French secondary schools and the training centers affiliated with professional sports teams and athletic clubs train top-notch athletes in individual and team sports (swimming, figure skating, tennis, skiing, soccer, and basketball). 

The excellent athletic facilities available in Paris and throughout France host world-class competitions, among them world cups in soccer and rugby, the winter olympics, and the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.