Other forms of student housing are also available at some schools and in privately owned student buildings.

On-campus housing at grandes écoles and private institutions

The grandes écoles and some private institutions maintain their own on-campus student residences.

These institutions make an effort to reserve housing for the international students they admit. Rents are generally between €250 and €350 per month.

For full information, consult the Web sites of the institutions you are considering. Reserve your room as soon as you receive your offer of admission.


Private student buildings

Private buildings designed for students are found in most university cities in France. Most are quite comfortable and offer a variety of services, such as a staffed front desk, room-to-room telephone service, common rooms, cafeteria, laundry facilities, maid service, and garage space. Such buildings are generally located close to campus.

Basic facts on private student buildings
Rent: €600–700 per month in Paris and €400–700 per month in other university cities.
Security deposit: One month's rent.
Co-signer/guarantor: Students must have a guarantor living in France. If you do not have a guarantor, you may pay a year's rent in advance.
Temporary or short-term housing: Sometimes available, but usually not between September and March.
Pre-arrival rentals: If you make your rental arrangements from abroad, you can expect to be asked to pay a security deposit equal to 2 month's rent.
Housing assistance (ALE): International students are eligible to apply for not assured of receiving benefits.