Which procedure you follow to enter a French institution depends on your nationality, the country in which you reside, and your educational plans.


Enrollment in the first two years of university study: the request for preliminary admission (DAP)

Students who have completed secondary school in another country and wish to enroll in the first or second year of study at a French university must file a request for preliminary admission (DAP) with the culture and cooperation service of the French embassy in their country of residence. In the 31 countries listed above, the DAP is part of the mandatory online application process.

In all cases, the DAP process begins in January of each year and has very strict deadlines.

Post-baccalauréat admissions to higher education programs

International students (including Europeans) are subject to this requirement, whether or not they hold a French baccalauréat, if they wish to enter the first year of French higher education at an institution or program not covered by the DAP. Such institutions and programs include IUTs, STSs, CPGEs, and some specialized schools. 

Note: In the 33 countries that use the CEF procedure, applications for admission to an IUT are submitted directly via the online application process.

The post-bac admission site may now be used by all students to submit preliminary applications for apprenticeship programs, regardless of the applicant's nationality or country of residence. The site offers information and links that allow international applicants to enter into an apprenticeship contract and, in so doing, to convert their preliminary admission into formal admission and enrollment.

A special guide for international applicants is available